About the Camp

Clan Blue Feather has maintained an encampment at Pennsic since the year 1992 (A.S. XXVII) and is located on "Horde Hill" (block E12) on Brewer's road. The encampment is home to Clan regulars and newcomers alike. It features all the amenities you would expect of a well-established camp, including running water and plumbing for our heated shower and kitchen sink, communal and kitchen tents, propane burners, oven, feast gear, spices and cooking utensils, and a forest grotto with hammocks and terraced steps. Most importantly is our courtyard and fire pit which are open to visitors most any time of the day or night. Even if you don't camp with us, we encourage you to stop by!

Camping with Blue Feather

As with all group endeavors, the encampment is a culmination of the individual efforts of its members, with each contributing whatever necessities or skills they can to the benefit of the camp as a whole. As such, anyone is welcome to camp with us but you are expected to do your part in making the camp a better place including, pitching in with communal chores, cleaning up after yourself, and being respectful of your campmates and neighbors. Interested parties must contact the camp "Den Mother" Joshua the Imperfekt to make arrangements for camping. You should also sign up for and read the encampment message board, as this is the primary method for making announcements, discussing ideas or changes for the camp, and general camp related discussion.

Camp History

At Pennsic in 1991 a group of disparate Blue Feathers gathered and wondered aloud, "Why isn't there a Blue Feather encampment?" Many argued that most people would camp with their home baronies, but a few souls decided to forge ahead and create a Clan encampment anyway. In 1992 Joshua the Imperfekt braved Land Grab and the first Clan Blue Feather encampment at Pennsic was born. That first year, we were allotted the small bit of leftover land on the tip of what is now the East Kingdom Royal block, but the following year we were pushed out as the royals finally encompassed the whole block, and we were taken in by House Alexander. The following year we truly struck out on our own and began our long tenure on block E-12.

Over the years we built up our encampment from a few tents and some ideas to a well-equipped group of friends old and new. We have a hot shower, running water, a kitchen sink, and many other ameneties to make our two week vacation more enjoyable.

We also have an open fire pit where we encourage everyone to stop by any night the fire is lit (or when the lights are lit under the common tent should it less favorable weather). You can always find a large group laughing and keeping the neighbors awake until all hours of the morning, so please come by, introduce yourself, and enjoy the company of your fellow Clan kindred.

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