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Society for Creative Anachrnoism
The greater medieval reenactment organization of which Clan Blue Feather is a part. The SCA is dedicated to researching and re-creating the arts and skills of pre-17th-century Europe

Research resources

This list is presented as a collection of book and web sources having to do with homosexuality in the Middle Ages. Currently the list is sparse but we encourage you to submit any sources of interest to the webmaster, for posting here

Esugenas' Annotated Male-Male Blue Feather Bibliography
Contains a list of books which document male-male relationships in varying degrees, and brief synopsis by Esugenas of the relevant content .

An Online Guide to Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Trans* History
An extremely thorough and large collection of articles, books and audio recordings documenting GLBT history throuhout many time periods and geographic locations. Well organized and robust.

TEAMS Middle English Texts has many same-sex stories in the original Middle English. They're not terribly difficult to read, and the introductions summarize the stories as well as give a bibliography for each. Of particular Blue Feather interest are the texts below. Thank Esugenas for finding this.

Gendering Robin Hood
Details the studies of Stephen Knight, head of the English Literature section at the University of Wales in Cardiff. His 1994 book Robin Hood: A Complete Study of the English Outlaw is considered one of the best books on the Robin Hood legend. In July 1999 his comments (and the press coverage of those comments) caused quite a stir, as it was implied that Robin Hood might have been gay.

The World History of Male Love
A very interesting site cataloging the history of male love, particuarly through the medium of art. Includes an extensive museum section with art and literature on the subject from cultures around the world.


The following merchants are known to be owned and operated by members of Clan Blue Feather, or are Blue Feather friendly

Traders of Tamerlane
Specializes in hand crafted yurts (Mongolian round tents) as well as furniture, decor and other treasures of the east, inspired by cultures across Asia, both past and present.

T'ger Toggs
Featuring the best in peasant wear like tunics, shirts, cloaks, "pizza" hats, and the trademark T'ger tights, T'ger offers Renaissance and Medieval Style costumes for many tastes, and his shop is a staple at Pennsic, Gulf Wars, Kansas City Ren fest check out the website at the link above.

Renaissance Reproductions
Designers of jewelry and gemstone pieces specializing in unique, custom and handmade designs. Also offers jewlery redesigning and slate & stone carvings

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