Mundane name:Charles R. Butler, III
Primary SCA name: Lord Candwan Galwiddoe of Redmarch
Alternate SCA name: Dom Sylvestre Rodriguez Goncalvez da Silva
Mundane location: Alexandria, VA
SCA location: Storvik (though out of location and about to moveot Hy Brasil)
Birthdate: 9/16/1952
Awards/titles: AOA, First Poet Laureate of Atlantia
Skills/interests:Singing, dancing, poetry, Portuguese, medieval signed languages, leather and lace
Link of interest:
Personal device: Gules two mullets argent with band dexter argent, a ram's headed scheitholt sable stringed, fretted, eared, and eyes, gules.
Household device: On a roundel, gyronny of eight, argent and gules, bordure vert with eight byzants or, in center a windmill sable


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