SCA name: Master Marc Beaucoeur
Mundane name: Mark Fowlkes
Mundane location:
Atlanta , Georgia
SCA location: Barony of South Downs
Birthdate: February 21, 1954
Awards/titles: Order of the Laurel, AOA, Order of the Velvet Owl
Skills/interests: 5th century garb, stressing French-Burgundian, 15th-16th century Persian garb, Heian period Japanese garb, Ancient world garb, Greek, Roman, Egyptian, Tooled leatherwork, painting, calligraphy, and cooking. Also hot men who fill out their codpieces with themselves, not padding!!
Link of interest:
Personal device: Lozengy Bendy Gules and Or, on a Chief Sable Three Oak Slips Fructed Or


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